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KLCC News is covering many aspects of Oregon's May 2016 Primary Election. View KLCC's primary related stories below.OREGON PRIMARY ELECTION RESULTS

Eugene Celebrates Sanders' Win In Oregon

Desmond O'Boyle

Bernie Sanders defeated Hillary Clinton in Oregon’s Democratic Presidential primary, Tuesday night. About 200 supporters celebrated at Cozmic Pizza in Eugene.

“Bernie Sanders, 58% with 67% reporting! Now who’s going to be the next president of these United

States? Bernie…. Bernie…Bernie…”

As results trickled in for Oregon’s Primary, an enthusiastic crowd reacted to live updates their candidate was defeating Hilary Clinton. Matt Keeting is a Lane Community College board member and volunteer for the Bernie Sanders campaign in Eugene. He says even though the delegate count isn’t favorable for Sanders right now, there is still a chance for him to win the Democratic nomination.

Keeting: “When they see that there’s a tidal wave of support for a certain candidate named Bernie Sanders, one can only make the logical conclusion that there’s a role and a duty to embrace democracy.”

Many of the Sanders supporters at Cozmic were voting in their first presidential election. The Oregon victory for the Vermont Senator gave the candidate a boost following a close race in Kentucky.