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Springfield property owners must register occupied RVs, City Council says

The interior of an RV at the annual RV show in Topeka, Kan.
Frank Morris
A recreation vehicle (RV) interior. Belson says RVs were previously prohibited as permanent residences on private property because they don't meet building codes.

Springfield residents must now register occupied RVs on their property. City Council approved the free, online process last week, which officials say they will use to survey those living in RVs.

Previously, RVs could not be used as permanent residences outside of dedicated parks. But in 2020, Springfield suspended these restrictions following displacement from local wildfires.

Sandy Belson is Springfield’s Comprehensive Planning Manager.

“This registration really is to try to help inform counsel in terms of how much this is even in use. How many people are taking advantage of this opportunity to live in an RV on someone's property with their permission?”

Belson said Springfield also wants to measure adherence to city guidelines, including a rule that property owners cannot charge rent to RV occupants. But she said the surveys themselves will be confidential and will not be used to punish occupants or property owners.

Springfield’s City Council will review the results next fall, ahead of a decision around renewing the suspension.

Nathan Wilk joined the KLCC News Team in 2022. He is a graduate from the University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communication. Born in Portland, Wilk began working in radio at a young age, serving as a DJ and public affairs host across Oregon.