4J School District to Resume Online Academy, Daily Attendance, Letter Grades

Aug 6, 2020


Outside of Eugene 4J Education Center (file photo).
Credit Elizabeth Gabriel / KLCC News

As the pandemic continues, families in the Eugene 4J school district are trying to navigate online learning, as well as the future reopening of school buildings. But students have another option for extended online learning.

4J students can apply for the Eugene Online Academy—or EOA—for the upcoming school year. This is an option for families concerned about scheduling stability, as well as sending children to school buildings once they begin to reopen. Students who choose this option will remain enrolled in their current school and can continue to participate in extracurricular activities.

But if school buildings reopen, students may not transfer in or out of the EOA until the beginning of the next term. The application for the EOA is on the 4J website, and the deadline to apply is August 10.

Virtual information sessions about the EOA will be held Friday and Monday. 

The 4J district will also reinstate some old policies during the upcoming school year.

To make sure students stay on track for graduation, 4J teachers will take daily attendance for all students, in all of their classes. This is different from online learning in the spring, when attendance was only taken once a week.

According to Assistant Superintendent for Instruction Charis McGaughy, students will also go back to receiving letter grades.

“Students will receive grades. In the spring, they only received pass or incompletes,” said McGaughy. “But they will resume receiving grades in classes”

4J students will begin online learning on September 14.