"Bottom of 16th": Civic Stadium Vote Expected

Feb 19, 2014

Wednesday night the Eugene 4j School Board will decide if they will accept the City of Eugene’s offer to purchase historic Civic Stadium. 

The district received three bids for the properties in South Eugene – one each from Fred Meyer, the YMCA, and the City of Eugene.  Superintendent Sheldon Berman has recommended the district accept the City’s offer. At a 4J School Board Meeting in early February, board members seemed tired of the issue, which they have been dealing with for the past decade.  

Baseball and other sports teams once called Civic Stadium home.
Credit Jes Burns

Board Chair Mary Walston:

Walston: “I think we’ve all gone extra innings, to use a baseball analogy one more time on this.  I hope this is the bottom of the 16th, or whatever, and maybe we’re done and maybe we can get on to the business of education.”

Board Members have expressed general support for the City of Eugene’s proposal, calling it the most predictable of the three.

The 4J School Board will vote on the Civic Stadium sale at their 7 o’clock meeting Wednesday.  There will be an opportunity for public comment before the vote.