City Club of Eugene: Community Effort for The Common Good

May 20, 2019

Recorded On: May 17, 2019

Air Date: May 20, 2019

From the City Club of Eugene:

Oregon Community Foundation (OCF) puts donated money to work in Oregon, awarding more than $100 million in grants and scholarships annually, from more than 2,000 charitable funds. For nearly 45 years, OCF grant making, research, advocacy, and community-advised solutions have helped individuals, families, businesses, and organizations create charitable funds to improve lives for all Oregonians. Impactful giving—time, talent, and resources from many generous Oregonians—can create measurable change.

OCF believes the future of Oregon’s children is dependent on the well-being of families and communities. Max Williams will share stories of donors, community leaders, and nonprofit organizations addressing a range of challenges that are exacerbating the widening socioeconomic disparity among Oregon’s families. Philanthropy, while not a panacea, is an intentional way to make connections and catalyze community effort for common good. Oregonians can invest their dollars in local communities and give them resources to solve problems and improve lives. Charitable giving can translate into lasting investment that builds stronger, more resilient communities.


Max Williams joined OCF in early 2012. For the better part of the last 25 years, Max’s professional and volunteer experiences have been directed towards both preserving and improving Oregon. As a lawyer, legislator, Director of State Department of Corrections, and now leader of the largest public charity in Oregon, Max holds a unique point of view on where and how Oregonians are coming together to solve some of the state’s most complex challenges. He was born and raised in Bend. For Max, Oregon isn’t just a place—it’s the people he’s known over the years: the loggers, fisherman, millworkers, teachers, mechanics, foresters, ranchers, doctors, lawyers, and entrepreneurs—who also love Oregon and believe in what her future holds.

Program Coordinator: Mary Leighton

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