Corvallis to Host Homelessness Advisory Council Meeting

Jun 19, 2019

A community meeting will be held in Corvallis next Thursday in order to decide on bylaws for a homelessness advisory council. It’s designed to assess, plan and respond to homelessness issues in Benton County.

The meeting being held in Corvallis for the multi-jurisdictional homelessness advisory council will set procedural rules for all of Benton County.
Credit Corvallis City Club

Increasing homelessness rates in densely populated and rural areas of Benton County are responsible for the formation of coalitions over the last decade.

Lili’a Neville is Benton County’s public information officer.

“The goal of the meeting on the 27th is to get feedback from the community about the bylaws of the council,” says Lili’a. “The goal of the council is to address that need for housing and to provide opportunities for collaboration among service providers to reduce the homelessness rate.”

The city of Corvallis and Benton County intend for the advisory council to be fully formed and functional by September this year.

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