DeFazio Speaks On Shutdown And Next Steps

Oct 18, 2013

Representative Peter DeFazio was in Eugene today (Friday) to give a recap of the government shutdown and look forward to the next legislative hurdles.

Congressman DeFazio expressed relief to be at home for a long weekend, and to be done with what he called the disruptive, unnecessary and expensive shutdown. DeFazio said tourists, timber workers and retirees were among those who contacted him with questions and concerns over the past three weeks. He said the shutdown caused a broad range of unexpected consequences.

Congressman DeFazio
Credit U.S. House of Representatives

DeFazio: "People forget all the things government does day in day out because it does a lot of them pretty well. And then when it's not there, suddenly it's like, 'Hmm. That's a problem.'"

Going forward, DeFazio is hopeful negotiations on budgets and other issues will be resolved through conventional political process.
Defazio: "I'm fully willing to work with those Republicans who aren't in that ultra-right wing, anti-government Libertarian faction, who are a majority."

Next week, DeFazio will work on a water resources bill which, among other things, will provide for dredging in small ports in Oregon.

The timber lands bill currently sits with Senator Wyden to be re-written, before going into hearings.