Eugene Nonprofit Finds Local Army Veteran A Home

Apr 5, 2019

Army Veteran Dana Wilkens stands next to Foster Martinez, his case manager at St. Vinnie's. They're posing in front of Wilkens' new home.
Credit Melorie Begay/KLCC News

St. Vincent de Paul in Eugene completed renovations on their 10th home for their Veterans' Housing Project. The organization acquires and rehabs old houses for local veterans. 

Army Veteran Dana Wilkens says he's excited to move into his new 3 bedroom, 2 bath home after struggling to find stable housing. His two teen boys will each get their own room, and Wilkens says no one will have to sleep on the floor. 

WILKENS: "When I didn't have a future in my mind I opened up to them and they gave me a future, they did. They helped me out 100%. They haven't let me down yet. I'm not saying they will because as long as I follow the program, and it's an easy program to follow, everything's good."

Wilkens says a lot of veterans feel like they don't have any resources, but through St. Vinnie's program he found a home. The project helps veterans with affordable housing for 2 years. It also provides resources for mental health and money management.