Good Gardening: Organic Agriculture

Jan 6, 2020

Credit John Fischer / KLCC

In a weird way, you have to admire a good scam. We've been tricked into buying bottled water from Los Angeles instead of drinking our own MacKenzie River water.

But the food scam is much worse.

Planting genetically modified seeds, coated in bee killing neo-nicitanoids, spraying the plants with herbicides, nourishing them with petro-chemical based fertilizer, and coating the produce with insecticides has been labeled "conventional agriculture".

By definition, conventional is "Ordinary rather than different or original ".

What is now called Organic Agriculture has fit that definition for all of the ten or twelve thousand years that people have been planting and harvesting crops.

Credit John Fischer / KLCC

The intimation that organic growing is somehow more difficult than chemical based agriculture is just part of the scam. Doing nothing but planting, watering, and harvesting is easy- less expensive- and better for you and the environment.

Protective clothing, Materials Safety Data Sheets, and confusing spray schedules all go out the window when you switch back to growing the "ordinary " way.

And organic growing does not mean you will get only a half crop of insect infested produce.  Organic pest controls from safers soap to Bascillus thuringiensis, and weed control like simple mulch, or boiling water can make organic growing every bit as productive as chemical agriculture- without the chemicals.

There have been studies showing higher nutrient density in organicly grown produce, and my simple study has produced irrefutable results. Food grown organically in your backyard tastes better.  Do those giant watery red peppers, or hollow tennis ball sized strawberries really fit your vision of what food should be, or have you been scammed again by marketing?

A little insect or bird damage on your home grown produce is a sign that it tastes good.  Just cut out the holes, and enjoy food they way conventional people have grown it for thousands of years- organically.

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