Good Gardening: Simple Planting for Small Spaces

Apr 6, 2020

Credit John FIscher / KLCC

If you've never had a garden before, you might be thinking about it now.  Here are some simple things you can grow in a small space, that will provide you and your family with fresh nutritious produce- and a fun outdoors activity.

Greens are an underrated part of our diet, and they are easy to grow.  Leaf lettuce, arugula, mizzuna, and kale will sprout and grow quickly without water or fertilizer.  A package of mixed greens seeds- often known as a “salad mix” will have multiple varieties in it, and each will sprout as the soil reaches optimum temperature for that plant.

If you want to branch out, try a few broccoli or cabbage plants.  We are still eating broccoli from a planting last march, and cabbage is easy to make into sauerkraut.

It's too early for warm season crops like tomatoes, peppers, corn, and squash.

If you have sprouting potatoes you won't eat, plant them about four inches deep, and you'll have ten times as many spuds in 3 months.  And you'll be able to steal "new" potatoes in a month and a half.

Seeds are the most economical way to grow vegetables,  and are easy to come by, but starts are available in many stores if you prefer to go that route.

Credit John Fischer / KLCC

If you don't have a garden space, you can make one in an hour.   Take the sod off a three foot by six foot section in a sunny location in your yard.  Next, dig out about 10 inches of soil from the bottom of the hole..  Finally, put the sod in the hole- grass side down, put the soil on top, and plant.

If you put the sod and soil on a tarp, the rest of your lawn will look fine after you establish your new planting bed.

Go to KLCC's web site to see a list of other things you can plant, and a few ways to help keep the weeds down, and the produce pest free.

I'm John Fischer with KLCC's good Gardening.

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