Heavy Traffic Expected on I-5 Friday

Nov 25, 2015

Heavy traffic is expected this holiday weekend along I-5, especially on Friday. The Civil War Game and Black Friday will most likely cause increased delays around Eugene and Corvallis.

The Civil War Game at Autzen Stadium Friday is expected to add to weekend traffic.
Credit goducks.com

This weekend has all the right ingredients for traffic congestion. That’s according to Rick Little with the Oregon Department of Transportation. He says when the Ducks play the Beavers about 15,000 additional cars take to the roadways.
Whether drivers are going to the mall, to the game, or home, Little urges them to stay vigilant.
Little: “Avoid distractions. Make sure you have a sober driver behind the wheel. Be ready for congestion, don’t be surprised by it. Give yourself some extra time to get from here to there. Understand that you’re going to be, in some cases, bumper to bumper for some periods of time. And be patient.”
Little adds if people are heading to the mountains, expect snow and carry chains. For more information on Thanksgiving weekend traffic, visit the Oregon Department of Transportation website.