Hynix Property Sells To Unknown Buyer

Oct 16, 2015

The Hynix Manufacturing Plant in Eugene – empty for the last seven years – has sold at auction for $20 million.

The former Hynix building in West Eugene.
Credit Auction.com

The sale is currently in escrow and the buyer remains unidentified. Bidding on the 1.2 million square foot complex started Tuesday at $3 million. Eugene Area Chamber of Commerce CEO Dave Hauser says things heated up on the final day of the auction.
Hauser: "There was not a lot of activity until the last ½ an hour where the bid went from approximately $7 million to $20 million. I hope that what that means is that the price was a good price, still a good bargain."
Details of sale will be available once escrow has closed.
Hynix was one of the Eugene area's largest private employers from late 1998 until 2008, manufacturing computer memory chips. The plant closed during the economic downturn, leaving its 11-hundred employees without work.