As Lane County COVID-19 Cases Double Weekly, "Positivity Rate" Remains Low

Jul 16, 2020

Each week, epidemiologists prepare a surveillance report looking for trends across cases countywide. So far, 82% of cases have been located in the Eugene/Springfield area. Nearly half of all infections have been in people under the age of 30.

Novel coronavirus spreads through oral and nasal droplets. Facial coverings help limit spread of the virus and are required inside public places and outdoors when a 6 foot distance can't be maintained.
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Public Information Officer Jason Davis says Lane County’s overall case count is  alarming because numbers have been so low for so long. However, he says the figure to watch is the *positivity rate.

“This is something that is a really good way to judge how we are doing,” Davis said. “So, how many people that we are testing end up being positive? And we are less than 1% still. The state mandate is less than 5% so we are well under that positivity rate benchmark.”

Davis says contact with other people remains the greatest risk factor for transmission and nearly 40% of those who have contracted the virus report recent travel.

On Thursday, Lane County Public Health reported 336 total positive COVID-19 cases and 49 individuals are currently infectious.