Lane County to Open Rural Disposal Sites for Storm Debris

Apr 26, 2019

Lane County Public Works will open new disposal sites for debris that fell during February’s snowstorm. For the next three Saturdays, trees, limbs, and branches will be accepted in Rattlesnake, Marcola, and Oakridge.

This debris pile was collected by the city of Eugene after February's snowstorm. Lane County expects rural citizens to dispose their debris over the next few weeks.
Credit Rachael McDonald

Public Works director, Dan Hurley, believes this period will give rural citizens time to plan and transport debris. Hurley says the wood will be recycled into mulch for future public works use.

“This is the first time we’ve done this,” Hurley explains. “This past storm was a storm of historic proportions and brought a lot of debris. I’m not sure that we would do this on an ongoing basis for smaller events, but this one is one that people are really struggling with so we’re trying to step in and help.”

Hurley says the county may receive FEMA reimbursement for opening up the disposal sites, so debris recycling will be offered to the public at no cost.

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