Many Poaching Cases Go Unreported

Nov 25, 2013

A recently killed deer in South Eugene is a reminder many poaching crimes go unreported, and police rely on the public's help to catch illegal animal killings.

In the early hours on the morning of November 15th, residents awoke to shots being fired and some observed a vehicle driving away from a fallen black-tailed buck. Oregon State's Fish and Wildlife Trooper Ed Imholt is glad residents called in the crime, but he says many times instances like this go unreported.

The fallen buck in South Eugene.
Credit Oregon State Police Fish & Wildlife

Imholt: "We don't hear about it a lot because the public doesn't: A, either think it's illegal, or B, they don't want to report it. Either they get in trouble, or they just don't think it's a big issue for us. But if they don't report it, we don't know that it is happening."

Imholt says the perpetuators in this case are not only facing poaching charges, but illegal firearm use as well. Imholt encourages people who may have information to call the 'Turn-In-Poacher TIP Line' at 800-425-7888. There is a cash reward for information leading to a suspect. Callers can choose to remain anonymous as well.

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