OR Senator's 'Citizens Against Tyranny' Movement Rejected By Douglas Co. Leadership

Jan 15, 2021

An Oregon lawmaker is getting some push back for his movement to target people who file complaints about businesses that are not following safety guidelines.

OR Senator Heard (R-Roseburg) has urged other lawmakers and civic leaders to support "Citizens Against Tyranny." Douglas County Board of Commissioners aren't buying it.
Credit Facebook-Sen. Dallas Heard

The “Citizens Against Tyranny” effort seeks to not only expose whistle blowers but also ban them from local businesses. The movement threatens a recall for any elected officials who don’t sign on.

It’s backed by Republican state senator Dallas Heard of Roseburg. He’s the statesman who removed his mask during a floor speech in a special session last month, calling Governor Kate Brown’s government a “false authority’ for requiring them.)

This week, the Douglas County Board of Commissioners put out a special notice saying they cannot support the movement. Here’s Commissioner Tom Kress.

“We do not feel singling people out, publicly shaming them, and potentially making them a target for retaliation for doing, or being merely accused of doing, what they believed to be the right thing in protecting themselves or their neighbors, is the right approach,” Kress read.

Kress said Douglas County is filled with compassionate communities and the actions taken today will be remembered long after the pandemic is over.  

43 Douglas County residents have died from COVID-19.

Senator Heard did not return KLCC’s request for a comment.

You can read the special notice from Douglas County Board of Commissioners here