Oregon Historical Society Adds 'The Immigrant Story' Series To Digital Collection

Oct 2, 2020

Photo shows immigrants featured in the series.
Credit Photo courtesy The Immigrant Story

Recorded interviews from immigrants across the state are now available on the Oregon Historical Society’s digital archive. The collection comes from the ongoing series The Immigrant Story.


With over 170 interviews conducted since 2017, founder and president of The Immigant Story series, Sankar Raman said there are three common themes found in these stories: resiliency, a willingness to give back, and gratitude.

“One of the survivors, she’s a survivor of Cambodian genocide said pretty much America is full of angels," he said. "It seems like we don’t have a heart [in] America especially at this time, but you know hearing this story you would see how much America has good Samaritans or good folks” 

Through a collaborative effort between The Immigtant Story  and OHS, some of these interviews can now be found as oral history recordings on OHS's digital collections website. Raman said the partnership helps solidify modern immigration as part of Oregon history.

"These voices need to be preserved for future generations and researchers and people who are listening," he said.

In a release, the Oregon Historical Society stated the goal is to "advance national dialogue and dispel myths about new Americans through strong, thoughtful narratives."


There are currently 10 oral history recordings availble for the public with more expected to be added.


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