Oregon Men's Basketball On A Roll

Dec 18, 2013

The Oregon Men’s Basketball team is currently undefeated, and is looking forward to their next game and the upcoming holiday.

After defeating UC Irvine 91-63, the Ducks are 10-0, with BYU coming up on Saturday. Last year’s team reached the Sweet Sixteen, but Assistant Athletic Director Andy McNamara says this team is better.

“It’s a combination of things, but it’s a real deep roster from a talent stand point, and they’re extremely unselfish which makes it work. Sometimes if you have too many guys who can score or want the ball, you might end up with problems but that’s not the case with this team.”

McNamara isn’t worried about a lack of student population this time of year either. As of last week, 7 thousand tickets had already been sold for the BYU game. After that, the number 13 Ducks face Morgan State, but not before getting a few days off for the holiday season.