Oregon Military Department Affected By Shutdown

Oct 4, 2013

Approximately 1,000 full-time personnel in the Oregon Military Department are being furloughed due to the government shutdown.

The Oregon Military Department is comprised of Citizen-Soldiers, Airmen, and civilians. The shutdown will affect training activities, equipment maintenance, and efficiency at military bases. Capt. Stephen Bomar says to maintain readiness they are forming plans in case the shutdown is prolonged.

Bomar: “We also do have the benefit of being able to bring our members on state active duty, and that’s where the state would pick up the bill for that training. Of course that’s an additional cost for the taxpayers.”

Captain Bomar says operations and activities essential to safety and security will remain intact and State Active Duty personnel could be activated.

Bomar- “So, if the Governor does declare a state of emergency, we will bring that force back on full-time and be able to assist in emergency management, whether that’s fire, flooding, or what’s been going on just like we did this past summer.”   

Veteran Medical Benefits, Anti-Sexual Harassment, and Recruitment programs remain intact. The furloughs will continue until funding is approved by Congress.

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