Oregon’s Public Universities Will No Longer Require Standardized Test Scores

Mar 25, 2020

Oregon’s seven public universities say they will no longer require potential students to submit standardized test scores with their applications.

For generations, tests like the SAT and the ACT have been a rite of passage for high school students intent on getting into college. But the higher education world has been de-emphasizing the tests in favor of other factors, including grade point average and extracurricular activities.

Credit University of Oregon

Now, Oregon’s public universities are joining hundreds of schools across the country in making standardized test scores optional.

“Most of us for some time now have been moving past the notion of just deciding who to admit or not based on a couple of numbers," said Jim Rawlins, the Director of admissions for the University of Oregon. 
"Test scores in particular, we know, can help us in some cases, but not in others, to give us a really good idea of a student’s potential.”

The change will affect students applying for the 2021-2022 academic year, since most admissions decisions for this fall's term have already been made.

Rawlins said the change been in the works for a while, and is unrelated to the current coronavirus outbreak. "This fits a much bigger picture and a longer term goal we've had for quite some time," he said.

That said, with many standardized testing sites being closed down to enforce social distancing, the announcement means high school students interested in attending a public university in Oregon "will have one less thing they're worrying about right now," said Rawlins.