OSU Ecampus Adds New Tools For Native American Students

May 28, 2019

Photo taken inside the Eena Haws Native American Longhouse at Oregon State University. The NAL is a space for Indigenous students to find community and Native students from afar will have access to live-streamed events.
Credit Courtesy of Chris Becerra

Online native American students at Oregon State University are getting extra support from the institution to increase enrollment and graduation rates. Help will come through success coaches and community building for remote students.


Allison Davis-White Eyes is the director of Community Relations at OSU. She says after meeting with Oregon’s federally recognized tribes, the university developed a new inclusive interface for Ecampus users. This includes connecting Native students off-campus, with students on-campus.

“Our Native American Longhouse here on campus serves as a hub for a variety of tribal activities and community activities," said Davis-White Eyes. 

White-Eyes says the idea is to make students feel welcome even if they live far away. "By live-streaming and really inviting in the online tribal member they begin to feel a greater sense of community and belonging,” Davis-White Eyes said. 

Native students will also get additional one-on-one academic services for remote students make it easier to get help. There are currently over 60 Native scholars enrolled in online courses at OSU.