Roosevelt Middle School Staff Tour New School

Sep 7, 2015

As Eugene 4J schools prepare for students, several Roosevelt Middle School staff had a preview of the place they'll be working a year from now.

Roosevelt Principal Chris Mitchell stands in the new entryway, in front of the projection wall.
Credit Karen Richards

About two dozen teachers and staff donned hard hats to walk next door and tour the project, which began about four months ago. The new school is coming together quickly. Maintenance Coordinator Randy Williams is on the design committee:

Williams: "It's great. We've really enjoyed it. And there's still more to do now, we're still working on picking furniture and things like that. This whole side has been going up, they gym area and, oh my Lord, it's been really fast. "

The construction is on schedule to be complete by May. Right now, most of the spaces are walled in around the large inner courtyard. Dave Guadagni is one of the architects. He describes the entryway and its two-story projection wall.

Guadagni: " So this is kind of a gathering area before and after, a place to teach, and a place to do presentations.

Last week, workers poured the sidewalk in front of the site. Soon, they'll pull back the fencing so current students can walk to Roosevelt, passing in front of their new school on the way.