Saturday Market Adds New Booth To International Food Court

Sep 1, 2019

The Eugene Saturday Market will add another booth to its International Food Court starting mid-September. Irie Jamaican Kitchen is the first addition to the International Food Court in 10 years.

Perry Adams watches Taj Wilson, his son, flip chicken on the grill, as the smell of pimento wood burning mixes with scotch bonnet pepper, creating a sweet Smokey aroma.

Barbara Graham Adams stands with her husband Perry Adams. Barbara manages Irie Jamaican Kitchen and Perry is the chef.
Credit Melorie Begay/ KLCC News

“This is your Jerk Chicken quarters, the traditional way you would find it. If you were in Jamaica, and you were to find it at a street vendor they’d just chop it up right in some foil and hand it to you,” he said.

While they don’t serve it that way here, Adam’s and his wife Barbara Graham-Adams are proud to bring authentic Jamaican food to Eugene.

“The community’s really open to accepting us and the diversity that we can bring to the table is important to us just because when you look around us you don’t really see a lot of African American business people out there,” she said

Irie Jamaican Kitchen will debut as one of the food booths at the Saturday Market's International Food Court September 14.