From Shellfish To Hemp To Cancer: OSU Boasts Big Year In Research Grants

Sep 22, 2019

Oregon State University has had a banner year in research grant funding—nearly 440 million dollars in 2019. (Only in 2017 did the institution bring in more research grants and contracts in a fiscal year.) Their research has potential impacts in Oregon, across the country and around the globe. 

When researchers at OSU found that ocean acidification was killing oysters at the larval stage—the knowledge helped save the state’s oyster industry.

Jay Noller, Director of the Global Hemp Innovation Center, stands in a field of young hemp plants.
Credit Oregon State University

OSU is home to the largest hemp research center in the world thanks to grant funding.

Vice President for Research, Irem Tumer, attributes OSU’s successful grant-making to the collaborative, innovative spirit of the researchers.

OSU research in ocean acidification helped save the Oregon oyster industry.
Credit Oregon State University

“We tend to get people who are interested in addressing really big, pressing global problems. Both for Oregon and the world.”

The near record amount of grant funding has buoyed research in renewable energy, robotics and forestry. Tumer says it’s even helped OSU health scientists discover that hops, the beer ingredient, can kill liver and colon cancer cells.

Oregon State University is the state's only Land Grant College.
Credit Hal Hermanson / KLCC

Irem Tumer is a professor in mechanical engineering at Oregon State University. She also serves as Vice President of Research. 

Irem Tumer is a professor and researcher at Oregon State University. Her last job was with NASA.
Credit Irem Tumer

Extended comments on OSU research funding and highlighted projects below:

Tumer explains what she thinks attributes to OSU’s success with both small and large grant awards.

Irem Tumer highlights research areas funded by grants over the 2019 fiscal year.

Ocean Acidification

Global Hemp Innovation Center

http://Global Hemp Innovation Research Center

Cancer research

OSU's Irem Tumer notes other disciplines receiving research grant funding and contracts.