Springfield Company Receives Award For LGBT Inclusion At The Workplace

Apr 24, 2016

Springfield's largest employer, Symantec, is one of two Oregon businesses being recognized for its LGBT Inclusion in the workplace.

Basic Rights Oregon honors businesses that create inclusive environments for the LGBT community.
Credit Bryon Beck

Basic Rights Oregon honored Symantec and Portland metro's New Seasons Market last week at a luncheon. Seven years ago, Symantec employee Cass Avrill told his manager he was transitioning. He says he was surprised by the companies' reaction.

Avrill: "I experienced actually something I didn't expect at all from Symantec, which was total acceptance and support to move through my process as smoothly as possible, that is certainly not the norm for trans people in the workforce."

Avrill says despite Oregon's anti-discrimination laws, many trans people are afraid to come out at work and fear repercussions. Basic Rights Oregon estimates more than 90% of transgender people experience harassment or discrimination at work. 

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