SVDP Renovates Shelter For Families Experiencing Homelessness

Jul 14, 2021


Credit Photo Courtesy of SVDP

Saint Vincent de Paul has completed renovations on their First Place Annex Night Shelter in Eugene for families experiencing homelessness. The executive director says the updates will help families have a better sense of stability.

The annex has 22 rooms in total for families to stay while looking for stable housing.
Credit Photo Courtesy of SVDP

The building was previously outfitted with soft walled cubicles, and stays were more temporary.

Now, each room at the First Place Annex Night Shelter is about 125 to 172 square feet in size. The rooms include a queen-sized bed, two twin beds, electrical and USB outlets basic furnishings. Some units also have doors that connect two rooms for larger families.

Executive director Terry McDonald said solid walls and more space means families can stay for longer periods of time while they haves access to case management services.

“So what you end up with is a much more sense of place and if you’re homeless, it’s very important to have a sense of place, a place that gives you some stability and a platform from which you can find a way to move back into regular housing,” McDonald said.

Altogether the shelter has 22 rooms, occupying 3,500 square feet. McDonald adds they’re in need of volunteers after seeing a decrease in help over the pandemic.

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