Water Health Advisory Issued for Odell Lake

Aug 2, 2019

Another recreational water use advisory has been issued by the Oregon Health Authority, this time for Odell Lake in Klamath County. This is the fourth notice since the start of summer about algal blooms in Oregon water.

A health advisory has been issued for Odell Lake, which has been impacted by algal blooms.
Credit Joe Eilers

These blooms induce serious flu-like illnesses in humans and can be fatal to pets. They are caused by cyanobacteria, which grow as a result of hotter temperatures and agricultural runoff.

Signs of harmful toxins include a blue-green tint, and a scummy or foamy film on the surface of the water. These toxins can’t be absorbed through the skin, but cause problems when ingested.

When water use advisories are active, it is important to check for notices before entering bodies of water for recreational purposes.

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