Willamette National Forest Service Bans Campfires In Willamette And Deschutes National Forests

Aug 9, 2018

Credit Willamette National Forest

Fire managers for the Willamette National Forest announced today they are banning the use of campfires in all wilderness areas. This includes all land within the boundaries of the Willamette and Deschutes National Forests.

Campfires are still allowed in designated areas with metal or concrete campground rings. Propane or liquid fuel camp stoves with an on/off switch are allowed as well.

Chiara Cipriano is with the Willamette National Forest:

“We’ve also seen a large number of abandoned and illegal campfires this year. Already on the Willamette there’s been eight escaped campfires and three illegal ones that have been reported. So those are some of the factors that have gone into that decision.”

Shortages of firefighting resources and continual heat can make small fires spread rapidly. The National preparedness Level is currently at its highest mark, and of the 107 large and active fires in the U.S., 15 are located in Oregon.