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Black Unity Protests in Springfield, Marches Through Downtown

Nathan Bouquet

Black Unity held a protest last night starting at the Springfield Public Library and urged participants to come armed with pots, pans, and blowhorns.


Starting with a silent march, Black Unity erupted into organized chants and loud banging which echoed through residential neighborhoods and downtown Springfield.


Claire Reyna, a Black Unity leader, spoke about the group's goals.


"Most of you guys all agree with me, correct?" Reyna said. "So now we need to start changing the minds of people who don't agree with us. And when you're talking to your friends who don't understand why we need to dismantle this system and create a new one, use this as an example. That's your guys' homework, go out there, start educating people, and show them what we mean when we say dismantle."


Counter protesters were also present for the march, either following close behind or blending into the crowd. Black Unity, which organized previous protests in Springfield, was prepared for adversity as its members formed protective barriers with cars and bicycles.


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