Oregon State University

Oregon State University said Monday that it’s received a grant that could lead to a nationwide expansion of its program that tests for the prevalence of the coronavirus.

Oregon State University

The unhealthy air blanketing much of Oregon has caused Oregon State University to postpone the latest round of its door-to-door coronavirus testing.

City of Bend

The City of Eugene will be one of dozens across the state to have its wastewater analyzed for the presence of the coronavirus.

Bonnie Lehman / KLCC

After a major outbreak of the coronavirus in early June, Lincoln County is trending in a more positive direction.

Oregon State University

Oregon State University’s prevalence testing for the coronavirus is expanding into northeast Oregon for the first time this weekend.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Oregon State University will send its research teams back to Newport to conduct another round of coronavirus testing this weekend.

Oregon State University

Oregon State University says the results of a study to test for COVID-19 in Newport indicates the disease is still active in that community.

Karl Massdam / Oregon State University

Oregon State University says it plans to expand its door-to-door coronavirus testing project to a community on the Oregon coast that’s been hard-hit by COVID-19.

Oregon State University

Researchers from Oregon State University say a weekend of door-to-door testing for the coronavirus in Bend shows that community has a very low rate of COVID-19.

Oregon State University

People in Bend could discover someone knocking on their door this weekend offering them a coronavirus test.

Photo Courtesy of OSU (Credit:Karl Maasdam)

The Benton County Health Department is anticipating a bump in positive COVID-19 cases after expanded testing in Corvallis. New results could be the outcome of Oregon State University’s door-to-door study.