Eugene Moves Forward With Bike Share Program

Mar 25, 2015

Eugene is hoping to be the first Oregon city with a bike-share program. The city received a $900-thousand grant last week from the Oregon Transportation Commission to help launch the project.

Credit City of Eugene

The grant would help pay for initial start up costs. But Eugene still needs a plan to fund operations. The idea is to initially put bike-share stations downtown, at the University of Oregon and in the Whitaker neighborhood. Reed Dunbar, a transportation planner for the City, says the bikes would be for short trips.

Dunbar: "So we want to be able to augment transit service and create the first-mile, last-mile trip. So when you get off an EmX bus, for example, and if we had a bike station right there, you'd be able to go to a destination outside of the EmX corridor."

Dunbar is hoping the Eugene bike-share program will be on the road by summer 2016, in time for the Olympic Track & Field trials. Seattle recently started a city bike share program. Portland is working on one.