Local Utilities Offer Energy Efficiency Incentives

Nov 20, 2017

Local utilities are offering financial incentives for customers to make their homes more energy efficient.

Heat pumps can help save energy.
Credit U.S. Dept. of Energy

Emerald People’s Utility District serves 22,000 Lane County residents. Its board has approved an additional $100,000 to help homeowners and renters invest in more efficient systems like heat pumps and water heaters. Patty Jo Angelini with EPUD says a more efficient home means lower power bills. “We can’t predict what will happen this winter. But we can predict that when people invest in energy efficient products, their bill will go down. So we want to help people get ready for whatever kind of winter comes our way.”
EPUD’s customer incentives include cash rebates and interest free financing on a first come/ first served basis.