To Solve Rat & Turkey Problem, Eugene May Ban Feeding Wildlife

Feb 28, 2018

Eugene may enact a ban on feeding wildlife in an effort to solve the city’s problems with wild turkeys and rats.

Wild turkeys in South Eugene
Credit Brian Bull

At a work session Wednesday, the City Council heard about the growing population of nuisance animals. Councilors, including Greg Evans, had their own experiences to share.
“I work in an area where there are a lot of gangster turkeys.” Evans says,  “I mean, there are flocks of them at LCC. They’re out there in the parking lots, you know, around all of the buildings. And there is turkey feces everywhere. And they’re not scared of humans.”

Turkeys outside the art gallery at LCC.

Experts tell the council banning feeding may help to curtail the growth in population of nuisance wildlife. But other measures could be taken, including shooting turkeys. City staff will draft an ordinance to ban feeding wildlife with a likely exception for backyard songbirds.