Tax Day Ralliers Take Trump To Task Over Budget, Undisclosed Taxes

Apr 14, 2017

Even in years where the deadline for filing is extended – like 2017 – most people regard April 15th as “Tax Day”. And like many other cities tomorrow, Eugene activists are staging demonstrations.  KLCC’s Brian Bull has more.  

Donald Trump, at CPAC conference.
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In past years, federal spending on the military has been a major rallying point for locals.  In addition to that, many critics of president Donald Trump are renewing calls for him to disclose his more recent tax returns…which he has yet to do.

Michael Carrigan is Program Director of Community Action of Lane County (CALC).  He says this lack of transparency, plus a substantial, proposed budget increase for the military, has alarmed many in the Eugene-Springfield area.

“You add the $50 billion more that Trump wants to spend on the Pentagon...that’s money that could cause war, could bring us to war," Carrigan tells KLCC.  "And not fund the programs that we need so desperately to help the people in this country.  

"We are inspired by the fact that 185 cities across this country are participating in this Tax Day action.” 

Among those speaking at Saturday’s Eugene event are Oregon Congressman Peter DeFazio, as well as representatives of the NAACP and Taxes for Peace Not War.

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