Truffle Shuffle Will Benefit Veteran's Housing

Feb 5, 2015

A long-time tradition in Eugene, The Truffle Shuffle, is this Sunday. What's new is that the fun-run is a fundraiser for Saint Vincent de Paul's Veteran Housing Program. Terry McDonald is Executive Director of Saint Vinnies:

Credit Veterans' Housing Project

McDonald: "One of the issues that we're trying to work through is getting homeless veterans off the street and there's some funding that we received from the VA to help with that. But there are many families that kind of fall between the cracks. For a variety of reasons they're not eligible for the program whether they're a National Guard family that wasn’t deployed or weren’t in a combat zone of something like that."
The Veteran Housing Program helps those families re-establish after deployment. There are 5 houses now occupied and a 6th in the works.
Walkers and runners are welcome to join the 34th annual Truffle Shuffle Sunday. At the end of the race, Euphoria Chocolates will provide each participant with a truffle.