Unofficial Returns Show Measure 101 Passing Easily

Jan 23, 2018

Voters have overwhelmingly supported a package of health care taxes that will help cover the cost of insurance for more than 1 million Oregonians.


According to unofficial returns, some 60 percent of Oregon voters said yes to Measure 101.

The ballot measure affirms taxes on hospitals and some health insurance providers to pay for Medicaid.

Opponents questioned the fairness of the taxes given that some large companies that self-insure would not pay it. And they doubted the state's ability to spend the money wisely, given previous problems at the Oregon Health Authority.

But more than 160 community groups supported Measure 101. That list included the hospital and health insurance industries. They say it's cheaper to treat people with insurance than those who lack coverage and seek treatment in emergency rooms.

Supporters were buoyed by strong support in the Portland region; in Multnomah County, almost 80 percent of voters supported Measure 101.

The yes vote means Oregon legislators will not have to spend their February short session filling a huge budget hole.

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