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Moshow The Cat Rapper Brings His Purrsonal Vibe To Florence Adoption Event


A crazy cat man turned social media rapper and Netflix celebrity is lending his fame and sway towards a Florence animal shelter’s adoption drive.  As KLCC’s Brian Bull reports, Moshow the Cat Rapper is primed for the gig.

If you haven’t heard of Moshow and his cat squad by now, you’ve obviously kept off social media for the past few years. In one early viral clip, Moshow gives his adopted orange kitty a soapy soak in the tub. 

Credit Facebook.com
A screen grab from a 2017 video shows Moshow giving his orange cat, DJ Ravioli, a bath and a rap song.

(SINGING) “Hey, Ravioli I’m your dad. And I love you so much, love you really bad. You’re the son-son-son that I never had, and I’m hopin’ hopin’ that you’re happy and you’re glad, (D.J. Ravioli: MEOW!) be in the bath and he just meowed right now…” 

Moshow moved to Portland after growing up in the projects of Baltimore, and got hooked on felines while dating his college girlfriend.  Now married and author of six children’s books, Moshow is helping the Oregon Coast Humane Society in Florence this Friday and Saturday.

“I heard there’s a lot of cats out there, maybe 8 or 9 years old that’s been there and they need homes," he told KLCC.  "So I’m gonna go out there, and work my cat-tastic magic …and try to get some kitties adopted.” 

Credit iammoshow.squarespace.com
Moshow and his furry peeps always draw a crowd.

Moshow has five cats himself: DJ Ravioli, Queen Sushi, Mega-Mam, Black Savage, and Lil’ Parmesan.  Most are rescue cats, including Black Savage, who he adopted from the Oregon Coast Humane Society three years ago.

(MUSIC CLIP) “Right-left, right-left, we gonna love our cats to death, that’s right-left, right-left, we gonna love our cats to death…” (FADE)

Moshow and his cats have helped promote adoption, as well as Portland’s parking application. He’s released six books featuring his feline troupe. His biggest splash so far is appearing in the Netflix series, “Cat People”, which has spread his name far and wide.

“So to see myself hittin’ this thing on a global scale, and be published all over the world, and to be where I am right now, I would have never thought that this was happenin’, so I’m just really thankful for everything and I’m happy that I’m able to spread the positive message of cats out there and to get more cats adopted.” 

As for this weekend’s event, Moshow will be making videos with cats that’ve been overlooked in past adoptions, then signing books.  Organizers hope his star power will give older felines a shot at landing a home.

Credit iammoshow.squarespace.com
Moshow and DJ Ravioli, dressed and ready to greet fans.

“I’m just very happy that I’m able to use my platform and to use my influence and be able to help out the cats and help show cats in a better light because this is what I always wanted to do, for me this is like a dream come true.” 

Moshow and his whiskered entourage will keep up the message, through music, videos, and special appearances. 

Note: Moshow will be filming videos on Friday with Oregon Coast Humane Society cats available for adoption. Then on Saturday afternoon, he’ll be selling and signing books for fans.

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Brian Bull is an assistant professor of journalism at the University of Oregon, and remains a contributor to the KLCC news department. He began working with KLCC in June 2016.   In his 27+ years as a public media journalist, he's worked at NPR, Twin Cities Public Television, South Dakota Public Broadcasting, Wisconsin Public Radio, and ideastream in Cleveland. His reporting has netted dozens of accolades, including four national Edward R. Murrow Awards (22 regional),  the Ohio Associated Press' Best Reporter Award, Best Radio Reporter from  the Native American Journalists Association, and the PRNDI/NEFE Award for Excellence in Consumer Finance Reporting.