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Latest Wave of Phone Scams Use Urgency, Free Rewards To Lure Residents In


Calls from Publisher’s Clearing House, the IRS or family members in trouble are among the latest wave of scams hitting residents of Eugene and Springfield.

Eugene Police recently received reports of phone scams promising wealth, calling for urgent action and threatening callers. These include callers posing as Publisher’s Clearing House, Costco, the IRS, a vague government agency and an arrested grandchild.

Debbie Janecek from EPD says the stories scammers use change, but that it’s important to not make quick decisions and to follow up with family and officials.

"While we today shared information on some of the types of scams we’re hearing about there’s always going to be variations on those. Always news ways  to think about, to try to find ways that will alarm people enough, or get them to do something they might not otherwise do if they had a moment or two to think about it."

To stay on top of the latest scams you can check the fraud alert systems from AARP and theFederal Trade Commission, and the Scam Alert Networkfrom the Oregon Department of Justice.

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