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Fall Means Home Canning For Oregonians, Just Do It Safely

Oregon Department of Agriculture

Fall is one of the best times of year for home canning. The practice is especially popular with Oregonians who maintain their own gardens. Although home canning is a process that has been done for generations, those new to it need to follow careful instructions to prevent food borne illness. The Oregon Department of Agriculture warns botulism can be deadly if food is prepared incorrectly. John Burr is with the ODA's Food Safety Program. He says just boiling water is not enough to prevent botulism.

Burr: “One thing we don’t want people to do is to wing it. We want people to follow some well written instructions from a credible source. There are some good sources at the local level through your county extension service.”

Botulism outbreaks can lead to paralysis and even death. One way of protecting most vegetables is by using a pressure cooker to reach the correct temperature. Burr adds people need to monitor conditions of spoilage after you have processed, such as unnatural odors, bulging lids, or leaking jars.

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