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More Grant Funds Availble For Non-Lethal Preventative Measures For Wolves


More funds will soon be available to Oregon farmers and landowners who choose to use non-lethal deterrent techniques for wolves.

The Oregon Department of Agriculture just received a $53,000 grant from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to be used for non-lethal preventative measures. Those may include barriers, alarms, or animals to guard the livestock. ODA Program Director Jason Barber says the most efficient method to prevent wolf attacks are range riders.

Barber: "They have gone out and radio-collared a lot of the alpha males in these packs, and they are able to track the location GPS. And if a rancher or producer registers with this system, as the wolf kind of approaches their herd or flock, the system will automatically generate a notification to the rancher via e-mail, text, or a phone call."

Barber says after the landowner is notified they can call hired help or go out themselves to scare the wolves away. Currently 11 counties in Oregon have approved wolf programs, and many other are working on joining.

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