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Bear Cub Fed By Humans Can't Be Returned To The Wild

Oregon Fish and Wildlife.

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife recently picked up a yearling bear cub after people saw it begging for food near their campsite in Sweet Home. It's common to see baby animals this time of year and ODFW is reminding people not to take them from the wild.

When the bear cub was found, she weighed 25lbs. She's now doing better but cannot be returned to the wild according to ODFW's Michelle Dennehy. The agency believes the bear was taken out of the wild as a cub and returned just before winter began.

Dennehy: "Many animals will be left temporarily by their parents and people come upon this young animal and think its been orphaned when it really hasn’t. So they may be very well intentioned and they think they are going to take it home and take care of it. But that wild animal should not be picked up its parent is very likely nearby."

OFDW is currently looking for an accredited care facility for the cub.

If you see an animal that appears to be abandoned Dennehy says you should leave it for several hours even up to a day. If the parent doesn't return, then you can call Fish and Wildlife. People are advised not to feed any wild animals.

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