Bend City Council to examine tree regulations

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Trees lining the streets of downtown Bend.
Jasmine Lewin

The Bend City Council will discuss strategies for preserving the city’s trees at a work session this evening. The goal is not only to become familiar with the existing regulations and how they’re applied, but also to evaluate if any changes should be made.

Colin Stephens is the Community and Economic Development Director for the City of Bend. He said that with the necessity of roads, housing and other utilities, it’s important to find a balance between conservation and urbanization.

“The only opportunity to preserve trees are in areas that are not going to be impacted by that urbanization, or types of urbanization that can accommodate trees," Stephens said. "So for example, a large parking lot could preserve some of the trees within landscaping islands. But again those are not requirements, they are encouraged through our code.”

The work session will begin at 5pm, and will be broadcast on the City of Bend’s website.

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Jasmine Lewin was a freelance reporter in 2022 and 2023. Originally from Portland, Oregon, Lewin wrote for the University of Oregon quarterly magazine Ethos before graduating with a bachelor’s degree in journalism.