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Eugene Community Mourns Lives Lost in Orlando At Vigil

Kyra Buckley/KLCC

Sunday night more than 100 people gathered in downtown Eugene to honor the victims of the Orlando shooting. KLCC’s Kyra Buckley brings us this audio postcard from the candlelight vigil in Kesey Square.

This event allowed community members to express hope, sorrow, even anger.
Sally Sheklow: “The idea that two men kissing could have sparked this rampage makes me think, ‘let’s see more men kissing.’ It shouldn’t be weird, it’s love it’s wonderful.”
Rick Williams: “This was a night where no worries were to be had. Where racism and homophobia were supposed to be left at the door. But it followed them in, and those lives are lost.”
Lucy Vinis: “We make a difference in our community, and it can start here.”
KLCC: “Why did you decide to come to the candle light vigil this evening?”

Credit Kyra Buckley/KLCC

Stephanie Fontana: “I think I needed that kind of catharsis. I’ve been looking at this since last night when it happened before I went to bed, and it’s just, I don’t know, heartbreaking. It’s terrible to look at, it’s terrible to see the hate that’s come out in the wake of it, like seeing people be like ‘why do we have to say it’s a gay club, why can’t we all just mourn in this tragedy,’ and trying to erase this hate crime that happened.”
That was Eugene writer Sally Sheklow, speaker Rick Williams, mayor-elect Lucy Vinis, and attendee Stephanie Fontana.
And then came a moment of rage:[screams from crowd].