John Ryan

John Ryan / KUOW

Two campaigns on the ballot this year in Washington state stood out for failing despite spending lots of money. One is Hillary Clinton’s. Her campaign raised twice as much as Donald Trump’s.
The other defeat hasn’t made big headlines. KUOW investigative reporter John Ryan brings us the story of Initiative 1464, the clean-elections initiative that big money couldn’t pass.

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John Ryan / KUCB

Aquatic robots have been spotted in Alaska’s Aleutian Islands this summer. Two ocean-going drones were seen sailing toward the busy fishing port of Dutch Harbor with no one on board. Just what were these orange robots doing out there--and is there cause for alarm?

John Ryan / KUOW

Fundraising for this November's elections is kicking into high gear. That means candidates are cozying up to people with money. Sometimes, elected officials even get friendly with the companies they regulate.

Washington State Patrol

Seattle just wrapped up its wettest March on record.
Geologists say heavy rain in the Cascade Mountains northeast of Seattle was key in triggering the landslide that killed at least 24 people in the town of Oso last week.
But they say clearcutting nearby could also have worsened the risk of the hillside collapsing.

A bad fall in the hospital can turn a short visit into a long stay.

Such falls featured in congressional discussions about patient safety, and in a new study in the Journal of Patient Safety about medical errors. Falls are one part of a multistate clash between nurses and hospitals over how to improve the safety of hospitalized patients.