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800,000 Oregonians To See Reduction in Food Assistance

Beginning Friday, more than 800,000 Oregonians receiving SNAP, or food benefits, will see a reduction in their monthly stipend.  The change is the result of an expiring federal stimulus program put in place during the recession.  

How much food can you buy with ten dollars?  A loaf of bread, a jar of peanut butter, a bag of carrots, a couple apples, maybe some off-brand pretzels… not much more.  But it enough to provide a person a meal a day for about a week.  

That ten dollars is how much less per person SNAP recipients will get each month beginning November 1st.  Nancy Weed is with Partners for a Hunger-Free Oregon.  She says the reduction will be felt by 1 of every 5 people in the state.  

Weed: "Oregon's still recovering from the recession and unemployment is still high, people are still having a hard time finding living-wage jobs.  And SNAP, it's helped alleviate other poverty issues because when you have money for your food budget, you're also able to afford other necessities."

Weed says many SNAP recipients are not getting the maximum benefit available because they haven't reported things like out-of-pocket medical expenses or costs related to caring for children.  She says doing this can help counter the effects of the November 1st reduction.  

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