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New Homeless Rest Stop Approved Near Autzen Stadium

Desmond O'Boyle

The Eugene City Council voted to open another homeless rest stop at a work session Monday evening.  The move comes after residents of the illegal homeless camp known as Whoville objected to a previously-approved site near the Whiteaker.

The Council voted 4 to 3 to open a rest stop at the current car camping site near Autzen Stadium.  Council member Chris Pryor put forth the idea to allow 15 additional people with a priority for Whoville residents with physical disabilities or mental illness.  The Council recently voted to open a third rest stop on a grassy strip of land between Northwest Expressway and the train yard.  It's very close to another rest stop, and Pryor thought this put the City in a pinch.

Pryor: "The folks who had indicated they would provide the operation for rest stop number three that we designated… have indicated they will not operate rest stop number three if it is located directly next to rest stop number two.  They believe that's concentrating too many people in one place, which means, if that is indeed true, we no longer have a viable rest stop number three."    

The Council also voted to close Whoville completely by April 15.  Previously the city was instructed to start the process of closing the camp on April 1st.

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