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U.S. Senator Ron Wyden On Emissions, Future Of Logging Revenue

Desmond O'Boyle

U.S. Senator Ron Wyden participated in a ceremony Thursday (today) in Springfield highlighting the expansion of a new EmX bus stop. The Senator also talked about the importance of increasing access to public transportation, and cutting emissions as well.

Wyden: “It’s clear to me that we need the Executive Branch playing offense on this issue and to put in motion the steps that really only Congress can work with Executive on and that is the challenge of dealing with climate change when you have to bring in India, China, and so many of the developing nations.”

Wyden also talked about logging and revenue proposals for rural O & C timber counties. He says Oregon’s delegation is close to completing a comprehensive plan.

Wyden: “We all, to a person, believe we have to get the harvest up, we believe we can do it in a sustainable kind of fashion. There are treasures we want to protect, and mostly we know we got to get people back to work in the woods.”

Senator Wyden has been working with Representative’s Peter DeFazio and Greg Walden to find a solution to expired timber payments to rural Oregon counties. Many of those counties are struggling to fund public services.

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