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Oregon Counties Begin Counting Ballots By Hand In Measure 92 Recount

Lindsay Eyink

It may be Christmas before Oregonians know the outcome of a controversial ballot measure to label genetically-modified foods. The margin of defeat for Measure 92 shrank to 800 votes, triggering an automatic recount.

Sandeep Kaushik is spokesman for the Oregon Right to Know Coalition, a group that supports Measure 92. He says counties will be checking all ballots by hand.

Kaushik: "It’s happened in the past that when you do recounts like this, sometimes ballots will be discovered that weren’t counted the first time around and just got missed. Lots of different things can happen as part of a recount that could add up to changing the outcome of this election."

Political pundits called the race early as a victory for labeling opponents, who outspent backers of Measure 92 by $12-million. Most of the money came from out-of-state agribusiness and food companies.

One of the points made by opponents is that GMO labeling should be legislated by Congress, not individual states.

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