4J Seeks Input on Plans For New Roosevelt Middle School

May 26, 2014

Roosevelt Middle School in South Eugene.
Credit Eugene 4J School District

The public is invited to participate in designing a new Middle School in South Eugene. Voters approved a bond measure last spring to pay for improvements in the 4J district. There's a public meeting Tuesday at Roosevelt Middle School.

Roosevelt was built more than 60 years old. Principal Chris Mitchell says the building has served students well but now it's inefficient, has limited accessibility and needs to be updated.  He's been working on a vision for the new building with a group of other school officials, teachers and parents.

Mitchell: "We wanted to have an environment that had a lot of light and openness and an inviting feeling. We also wanted, obviously, to have a technology rich set of classrooms that are designed a little differently than they were 60 years ago to be more centered on student collaboration and less on teacher direction."

The new Roosevelt Middle School will be safer and more energy efficient.

4J is planning to update or replace three other schools using voter approved bond funding.

The meeting at Roosevelt Middle School is Tuesday evening from 5:30 to 7