Advocates Urge Oregon Lawmakers To Let Students Eat Breakfast In Class

Mar 2, 2015

Credit Chalkbeat Colorado

This is "National School Breakfast Week." In Oregon, advocates are using it to urge lawmakers to let more schools serve breakfast after the morning bell rings.

House Bill 2846 says students could eat breakfast in the classroom instead of the cafeteria and it would count as instructional time if the teacher is giving a lesson. The bill is currently in the Joint Ways and Means Committee. Annie Kirschner with Partners for a Hunger-Free Oregon predicts the bill will pass.

Kirschner: "Breakfast is a tool to be ready for school, in the same way that school books and pencils are, and it's in the best interest for all of us as a community that our kids do well in school."

The McMinnville School District last year started offering breakfast after the morning bell rang. It is now dishing out 30,000 more breakfasts than a year ago. The "Let's Do Breakfast Oregon" awareness campaign has partners including the state Department of Education and Oregon Dairy Council. They are offering grants and equipment to help schools increase breakfast service.